Why choose us
"Ocean Marine Bulk"  is committed to providing a safe, secure and sustainable work environment for all our employees, customers, visitors and communities where we operates.
"Ocean Marine Bulk", maintain our reputation towards customers and employees. We acts with integrity and respect and fulfill all promises and comply with legislation and regulations at the very least.
Reliability is the overall brand promise at Ocean Marine Bulk. In fact, it is our single most important commitment to our customers. Ocean Marine Bulk mission is to deliver value to its customers. 

About Us

"Ocean Marine Bulk" is an independent company with the main aims of providing storage tank facilities and transshipment of petroleum products worldwide, with various locations all over the Russian, Netherlands and USA ports. We have developed our services and are at the fore front in the rendering high quality tank storage facilities modernization and sea transportation of petroleum products.

"Ocean Marine Bulk" tank are significantly increased the efficiency of production processes, reduce costs and increased storage quantity of fuel this also increase the level of safety of the facility. Automated Systems: introduced a system of commercial accounting of oil products, self-service drivers has reduced the time of shipment of petroleum products tripled, new software eliminates the inaccuracies in the shipment volumes of fuel. 

"Ocean Marine Bulk" is engaged in transshipment and storage of oil products. The assets of the company tank farms in all Russia port terminals. "Ocean Marine Bulk" has a large volume of tank farm, transport infrastructure development, technological equipment for transshipment of light oil and fuel oil in the rail, road and sea transport, as well as storage facilities for packaged products. At the sites the company has well-developed quality control system and the safety of oil.

Freight Services

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Storage Tank Facilities</span><br>
Storage Tank Facilities
Ocean Marine Bulk operates multi-modern storage tanks facilities at different port terminals in Russia, Netherlands and USA. Our tanks are position to meet customer demands. Crude oil and refined products are being stored in tanks through pipeline originated points awaiting shipment. Crude oil is then delivered to refinery storage tanks in preparation for processing.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Sea Freight</span> 
Sea Freight 
Ocean Marine Bulk consistently delivers fuel with their own vessel of different deadweight and use modern tanker trucks to handle transshipment by road and sea. Most of our situated locations provide railway terminals for loading and unloading oils and liquid fuel. Ocean Marine Bulk is a strong and partners with reliable storage Tank Company and transportation of petroleum products worldwide.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Pipeline Transport</span><br>
Pipeline Transport
Ocean Marine Bulk carry out pipeline flows system with teams of experience experts with extensive knowledge and idea in the areas of pipeline delivery of liquid fuel, as well as the pipeline regulatory environment. We have access to and use highly trained specialists and state-of-the-art equipment to examine and test pipeline components involved in occurrences in order to identify and confirm safety deficiencies.